Here are some of the things you should know prior to renting a bounce house

There are a few important points to consider prior to renting a bouncehouse. These include weight and size restrictions, as well as costs. All of these are crucial for your safety and that of your guests.

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Size of Bounce House

When choosing the right bounce house, it is essential to consider the size and shape. A typical bounce house will accommodate between 3 and 5 children at a time The larger bounce houses can accommodate up to 10 people. It is also possible to find combo units with two activities, like an inflatable slide or a jumping area.

Size restrictions

Bounce houses are restricted in their dimensions. Prices and the quantity of people it is able to accommodate is influenced by the dimensions of the bounce house. A larger bounce house can accommodate more weight, while smaller bouncers might only be able to accommodate two or three toddlers. A commercial bounce house measures roughly 15 by 15 feet. However, some bounce houses are bigger.

Cost to Rent

The price of bounce houses will vary based on various factors, including dimensions, style, and extras. The typical cost for an ordinary bounce house is $100-$600, however bigger inflatables are usually more. The cost of renting usually covers setting up and taking down the bounce house, however the delivery and damage insurance is generally added.

Time for setting up

You can rent bounce houses at various times. The majority of bounce houses can be put up from 11am to 7pm. If you’re hosting a big celebration and delivery is not possible during these hours, you can request delivery at a different time.