15' Rainbow Rush


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Product Information:

Welcome to the dazzling world of vibrant colors and endless fun with our spectacular 15-foot Rainbow-themed Inflatable Waterslide! Get ready to slide into a kaleidoscope of joy and adventure as you embark on an exhilarating aquatic journey.

Standing tall at 15 feet, this waterslide is a vibrant masterpiece, featuring a stunning rainbow arch design that stretches across the sky. The bold and vivid colors create an inviting and mesmerizing atmosphere, instantly uplifting spirits and inspiring smiles of wonder for all who behold its beauty.

As you approach the top of the slide, be greeted by the radiant spectrum of colors, promising an exhilarating ride down to a refreshing splash below. Feel the excitement build as you ascend to the summit, ready to experience the thrill of the slide that spans the entire rainbow spectrum.

With its gentle curves and smooth surface, this waterslide ensures a safe and thrilling descent for riders of all ages. Glide down the slippery path, embraced by a cascade of vibrant hues, as the cool water sprays and the refreshing splash at the end welcomes you to a world of aquatic delight.

Perfect for backyard parties, summer celebrations, or any occasion that calls for watery fun, our Rainbow-themed 15-foot Inflatable Waterslide promises hours of laughter, excitement, and colorful memories for everyone seeking an unforgettable slide down the rainbow!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

25.5ft L x 9ft W x 15ft H

Space Needed:

29ft L x 19ft W x 19ft H

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